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European Sales Convention - Second Digital BWH Leisure Expo

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The second Europe-wide BWH Leisure Expo will take place from September 21 to 23, 2021. Over three days, BWH Hotel Group Central Europe GmbH will once again offer its affiliated hotel partners sales and exchange opportunities as well as presentations and virtual networking events with B2B customers from the Leisure sector at this virtual platform. This year, the focus is on the topics of "Mobility of the Future" and "Digitization of the Hotel Industry".

Eschborn, August 16, 2021. Virtual cross-border event and a successful virtual platform to effectively support sales and marketing opportunities: Over the course of three days, both the sales teams and individual hotels of the BWH Hotel Group will be able to virtually exchange ideas with companies, customers and partners from the leisure and group segment at the second pan-European BWH Leisure Expo, and discuss the latest topics and trends in the leisure market. In addition to the central sales departments of BWH Hotel Group Central Europe GmbH, which represents hotels from the DACH region as well as hotels from seven other countries, the BWH sales teams from Scandinavia, Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland and the Baltic States, Southeast Europe as well as the Netherlands and Belgium and many individual hotels of the brands Best Western Hotels & Resorts and WorldHotels Collection will be part of the event.

The program includes workshops, sales appointments and presentations by exciting speakers from the industry. "This year and again, we would like to offer the dialogue between our hotels and partners via the same virtual event form and discuss together where the journey is heading in the Leisure market. Live discussions can be held with experts from science, mobility, tour operators and the hotel industry throughout Europe – this and our further convention program create a huge value and certainly exciting insights in addition to the individual appointments," says Serhat Goetz, Director Leisure Sales at BWH Hotel Group Central Europe GmbH, who launched the BWH Leisure Expo last year

2020. “We were able to record an intensive exchange via the platform at the first virtual Leisure Expo last year, and we received very positive feedback - both from our hotels and from our partners. This success, as well as the approval within the BWH Hotel Group - up to the management and in close cooperation with our European colleagues - have confirmed us to now launch the second edition of BWH Leisure Expo", adds Marina Christensen, Head of Sales BWH Hotel Group Central Europe GmbH.

Virtual sales conference: focus on mobility and digitization

On the live event platform of the virtual conference, all participants meet and network online. There are also virtual Face2Face meetings, live presentations, Q&A sessions and a virtual café for ongoing exchange with national and international partners and hotels. This year's BWH Leisure Expo will focus on the topics of mobility and digitization: "What does the future of group travel look like, which types of transport will be used? Will there still be large travel groups in the future or will there be a shift to individual travelers? And what are the latest trends in digitization in the hotel industry? These are topics that move our industry and that we would like to discuss with existing and new partners in the leisure market as well as hotel representatives via our platform this year," explains Goetz. Many German and European leisure buyers, tour operators, but also renowned speakers will make the three days an exciting event for hotels and partner companies.

e-Catalog and Group Travel Portal: Online Offers of BWH Hotel Group

BWH Hotel Group Central Europe is consistently focusing on online in the group segment. In the current e-catalog "Group Travel Guide", coach tour operators and group tour operators will find plenty of fresh travel ideas and inspiration from over 40 tourist regions in the six European countries of Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. In its group travel portal, group tour operators can dynamically compile and request their own packages. As before, the group travel experts of BWH Hotel Group Central Europe are on hand to provide advice and assistance throughout the planning and implementation of the trips.